Our Neighbors

Houses don’t make neighborhoods, neighbors do. Family members, hobbies, interests and holidays are a part of every neighbor’s story. Explore some of the quotes collected from Morgantown residents.

Can you tell who is unsheltered and who is sheltered? Probably not. Meet Chad, Keller, Bartley and Eric. Their home is in Morgantown, regardless of their housing situation. They could be your neighbors, coworkers or friends.

Photo by Kofi Opuku

“I have been here on and off my whole life – I left a few different times, but I always tell people I’m born and raised here. This is my home.” — Chad

“West Virginia is definitely a culture shock from Ohio. The roads, the people – it’s like a whole other world. Ohio is laid back, and you don’t see any hills, but it’s pretty wild and wonderful here.” — Keller

Photo by Kofi Opuku
Photo by Kofi Opuku

“I’m a good cook. I’ve been cooking for a long time. I learned it from my mother, and my brother, Derrick. He’s a good cook, too.” — Bartley

“I really enjoy playing board games. There’s a gaming and comic store in the mall that has a good board gaming community. It involves everything from playing games to building and painting game pieces.” — Eric

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