Morgantown. The home for us all. 

By recognizing our neighbors who are unsheltered as neighbors, Humans of Morgantown works to share the stories of the city’s residents and create neighbors outside of neighborhoods. 

As a group, we believe that by learning and understanding the problem, we can discuss opinions and solutions in a proactive way. By improving the services offered to the community, everyone in it can benefit. The community is rich with people, and everyone is deserving of a quality life.

Thank you to the Meyer Family Charitable Trust for their generous donation that has made the Humans of Morgantown campaign possible.

Our efforts are supported by city council members and the special Committee for Unsheltered Homelessness of Morgantown. The members are composed of business leaders, community residents, law enforcement, and government officials.
These members have placed responsibility in the hands of Martin Hall Agency, a student-run advertising and public relations agency in the West Virginia University Reed College of Media.

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